What Are My Mouth Guard Options?

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Without a mouth guard, contact sports, like football, hockey, boxing and kickboxing, pose a serious risk to your teeth. While mouth guards may have been optional in the past, many schools and youth athletic associations now require athletes to wear mouth guards while playing certain sports.

Stock mouth guards are an inexpensive option. They are widely available at most sporting goods stores. You simply slip it into your mouth and you are ready to play. Because they are designed to offer a generic fit, many athletes complain that the guards can make it hard to breathe and they rarely give a truly firm fit.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards usually cost a little bit more than stock mouth guards. They are made from a material that softens when soaked in boiling water. You simply bite down on them and they harden once they cool down. These mouth guards do offer a little bit more of a custom fit. One of the more common complaints with boil-and-bite mouth guards is that they can feel bulky in the mouth.

Custom mouth guards are the top-of-the-line mouth guards that can be crafted for you by your dentist. These mouth guards offer a custom fit and protection with improved breathing. They are also made from very durable materials, and with the proper care, they can last for several years.

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