patient portrait after treatmentReed Hawn came to Barton Oaks Dental Group with a desire to open his bite and restore his severely worn-down teeth, a result of chronic clenching. He also wished for a less gummy smile, aiming for a transformation to reflect his original tooth size and improve his overall dental health.

Reed had faced long-term challenges with his dental health, including a gummy smile and teeth that had become small, chipped, and worn down due to chronic clenching. This affected his smile aesthetically and his jaw and tooth stability.

Reed’s journey to dental wellness was comprehensive and tailored to his specific needs. The treatment path included Invisalign for bite alignment, mandibular tori removal, gum surgery for crown lengthening, and placing upper and lower porcelain crowns and veneers. This multi-step approach was designed to address both functional and cosmetic concerns in Reed’s oral health.

The Invisalign system and iTero scanner were pivotal in Reed’s treatment. These advanced technologies allowed for precise planning and execution of his bite alignment and smile reconstruction, contributing significantly to the successful outcome.

The transformation was remarkable. Reed’s smile no longer appeared gummy, and his teeth became more proportional, reflecting their original size. The treatment also reduced his clenching, providing long-term stability for his jaw and teeth.

Dr. Nemeth reflects on Reed’s transformation: “Reed’s case was an amazing step-by-step transformation. We moved from small, chipped, worn-down teeth and a collapsed bite to larger, more proportional teeth with a proper vertical jaw dimension. This not only improved the aesthetics but also ensured long-term stability and function.”

Reed expressed immense gratitude towards Dr. Nemeth, praising her expertise and dedication. “The quality of my dental health has significantly improved, and my smile is fantastic,” he said. Reed commended Dr. Nemeth for her meticulous approach and patient care, noting that while the journey was long, he couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Dr. Nemeth in this transformative journey.

Reed’s story is a testament to the comprehensive and personalized care offered at Barton Oaks Dental Group. His journey from dental challenges to a radiant, functional smile underscores the commitment of Dr. Nemeth and her team to excellence in patient care.