What Can Oral Hygiene Do for Me?

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Oral hygiene is very important for your teeth, gums, smile and oral health, which is why our dentists strongly encourage you to keep up with oral hygiene regularly. Now, this might be a tough task if you’re not sure why oral hygiene is so important. Oral hygiene can:

-Help you prevent cavities: Brushing, especially with fluoride toothpaste, can help you prevent cavities because it removes the cavity-causing substances from your teeth and the fluoride can dive into the tooth enamel and strengthen it. Flossing can also help you prevent cavities because it removes the plaque and bacteria from between your teeth.

-Help you prevent gum disease: Brushing, flossing and especially attending your regular dental checkups can remove the plaque that promotes gum disease from your smile. It is important to remove the plaque before it hardens into the toxic tartar that destroys the teeth and gums.

-Help you have an attractive smile: When you brush with whitening toothpaste and receive a polishing treatment at our office, you remove the minor tooth stains from your teeth. This can give you a more beautiful smile. Brushing and flossing can also remove food particles from between your teeth, which can help you avoid embarrassing moments as you socialize.

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