The Facts of Oral Hygiene: Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Preventing baby bottle tooth decay is of the highest importance when it comes to the oral health care in children. Baby bottle tooth decay is named thusly so because tooth decay in children is frequently caused by baby bottles, or more precisely, the substances within. Here are a few tips about baby bottle tooth decay:

– Any products with sugar should be avoided and not given to your child. This pertains to drinks such as soda, sugar water, juice, and sports drinks.
– Your child’s first tooth will begin to pop up above their gum line in a process known as tooth eruption. From this moment forward, the child’s tooth is susceptible to tooth decay so it must always be cared for and protected.
– Clean your child’s teeth every day with a small amount of toothpaste to ensure that any harmful materials left behind in their mouth are removed.
– Avoid letting your child fall asleep with the bottle in their mouth, as this can lead to baby bottle tooth decay.
– Never douse your child’s bottle top with a sweet or sugary substance like honey to get them to drink.
-Avoid letting your child’s bottle or pacifier become dirty, and never share products between your mouth and your child’s.

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