The Benefits of Dental Cleanings

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Barton Oaks Dental Group is pleased to create oral health awareness this month, as October is National Dental Hygiene Month. Along with your daily brushing and flossing habits, dental cleanings and checkups are beneficial to preserving excellent oral health. So, what can your dental visits do? Let’s take a look!

Cavity Prevention: you know that sticky film that coats your teeth and gums when you don’t brush? This is a dental plaque, a harmful, acidic bacterial film that eats away at precious tooth enamel and causes cavities unless you clear it away daily. Your dentist will remove hardened plaque that collects around the gumline and between teeth.

Gum disease: gum disease begins with a plaque that has built up over time, and is the number one cause of tooth loss for adults. Eventually, gum disease progresses and gets to the part of the tooth connecting to supporting bone in your jaw. Once this happens, the teeth will come loose and fall out. Your daily brushing and flossing, coupled with dental cleanings, will prevent this.

White Teeth: even when you brush and floss regularly, the foods (and drinks) you consume can stain your teeth. Wine, coffee, tea and even tobacco can leave your teeth discolored. When your dental team cleans your teeth, they will also remove tooth stains and polish your pearly whites for a brighter smile!

Overall health: dental cleanings can help reduce your risk for diseases, including stroke and heart disease. In addition, your dentist checks for oral health conditions to treat them early for a higher success rate. Periodontal disease, oral cancer, are just two things your dentist looks out for.

To help you protect your smile, our dentist, Dr. Joseph Neeley, offers dental cleanings and checkups for a healthy smile. If you are ready to schedule a visit with us in Austin, Texas, please call 512-327-6947 today.