Taking Out The Wisdom Teeth – Needed or Not?

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Not all patients or even dentists believe that removing the wisdom teeth is a necessary procedure, while others believe that doing it early, even before the need for orthodontic appliances, is a way to avoid issues in the future. Whatever side you come down on, here are some reasons for removal.

Crowding – The main reason that many people have the wisdom teeth removed is to make room for other growing and moving teeth. This allows the orthodontist space to do their work. The reasoning here is that many times the wisdom teeth come in at odd angles and become impacted, meaning that they are pushing against the other teeth and will need to be removed at that time anyway.

Bite and Alignment Issues – Some situations occur where the wisdom tooth emerges above the other teeth and causes bite and alignment problems. In this case, removal is needed to restore proper function.

Uncomfortable Protrusion – Even when bite and alignment is unaffected, sometimes a wisdom tooth emerges in such a way that it contacts other structures in the mouth and causes discomfort.

Space Needed for Orthodontist – When an orthodontic appliance is required to straighten teeth or address another issue, we will suggest that the wisdom teeth be removed in order to make room for the remaining teeth to shift.

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