Your Child’s Permanent Molars Might Be at Increased Risk of Tooth Decay

The permanent molars and premolars in the back of your son or daughter’s mouth play an important role in helping them efficiently chew and grind the foods they eat. Now that they have fully emerged from the gums, these teeth will need to last them a lifetime. Their regularly schedule dental checkups at Barton Oaks Dental Group’s dental clinic includes... read more »

Keeping Your Molars Safe

Since your molars are located in the back of your mouth, and you probably don’t give much thought to chewing. Because of that, your chances are good that you don’t think about your molars very often. Unless of course one of those teeth develops a cavity, at which point the tooth will likely have your full attention. Keeping your molars... read more »

Dental Sealants Can Be an Effective Preventative Measure Against Occlusal Cavities

The occlusal or biting surfaces of your back teeth often have deep textures in the tooth enamel. This is intended to make them more efficient at grinding and chewing food. Unfortunately, these areas can also trap food particles and bacterial deposits. If your twice-daily brushing fails to remove them, these hard-to-clean places could start to foster large cavities. If Dr.... read more »

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