The Impression Digital Scanners Can Make on Your Smile

Our dentists suggested that you have a dental restoration placed. In many offices, this would mean that a traditional mold or impression would be taken. If you have ever had one of these impressions before, you know that they can be uncomfortable, goopy, and messy. Some patients even gag when a traditional impression is taken. At Barton Oaks Dental Group,... read more »

Your Crowning Glory

When might our dentists recommend a dental crown? - To keep a weak tooth from breaking - To hold together a cracked tooth - To restore a tooth that is broken or badly worn - To support a tooth with a large dental filling - To anchor a dental bridge - To cover misshaped or badly stained teeth - To... read more »

White Dental Fillings to Brighten Your Smile

At Barton Oaks Dental Group, the dental practice of Dr. Neeley, Dr. Nemeth, Dr. Hayashi, Dr. Grimm, and Dr. Bradley in Austin, Texas, we are pleased to offer white dental fillings for our patients' healthy smiles. White dental fillings, or composite resin fillings are a tooth-colored filling that blends in with your natural smile. Composite fillings are a popular choice for your... read more »

The Different Types Of Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth, then you may want to restore them with a dental bridge. There are several different options available where dental bridges are concerned because each is designed to fulfill different needs. Here are some of the different dental bridges: Traditional Bridge: Also called a fixed partial denture, this bridge consists of two dental crowns with an... read more »