Does Toothpaste Brand Matter?

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The toothpaste aisle at any grocery store is loaded with dozens of different brands, types, and sizes of the most common tool used in oral health routines the country over. However, with so many options to choose from, you may wonder if there’s a good or bad choice to be made.

Let’s see what Dr. Joseph Neeley at Barton Oaks Dental Group in Austin, Texas, recommends.

ADA seal

First, you want to make sure that whatever toothpaste you’re using has been approved by the American Dental Association. This approval means that the ADA has vetted the product and tested it to verify that it does what it advertises – that is, all the claims about preventing plaque or whitening teeth are actual fact.

Features that address your needs

Some brands of toothpaste with directly affect certain aspects of your oral health. Some may claim to be better at whitening your teeth than others, while a different brand claims to be able to halt gingivitis in its tracks. Depending on your oral health needs, you should pick a toothpaste that addresses them directly. This makes your oral health routine that much more effective.

At the end of the day it is more important to keep up a good oral health routine, but using the right toothpaste can make a noticeable difference. If you need more help with this topic, call us at 512-327-6947.