Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Plaque and Tartar

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How well would you rank your oral health care treatment? A key indicator of how your oral health care routine is going is with the presence of plaque. If plaque is present, then there are many things you should be doing to improve your oral health care. Oftentimes, plaque may be difficult to detect, so visit your dentist for routine examinations.

Plaque refers to a thin layer of bacteria and debris found on your teeth and gums. It is always present when your oral hygiene is lacking. If left untreated plaque can give rise to numerous oral ailments and eventually turn into what is known as tartar.

Tartar cannot be as easily removed as plaque can be. In fact, tartar often requires the aid of a dental professional to remove it thoroughly. If left untreated, tartar can eventually lead to tooth loss. Fortunately, oral health care routines including brushing or flossing are extremely effective at preventing plaque from turning into tartar. In addition, always schedule regular checkups and examinations with your dentist, as well as bi-annual professional cleanings to prevent plaque from turning into tartar.

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