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With occlusion repositioning at Barton Oaks Dental Group, our dentists will equilibrate the contact points between opposing teeth. In other works, we will make sure that your upper and lower teeth meet in the right spots and with the right balance to achieving an ideal bite. Having an ideal bite will prevent issues like abnormal tooth wear, pain, and teeth grinding.

Occlusal repositioning, or occlusal adjustment, is usually performed in three stages. Dr. Dora Nemeth, Dr. Joseph Neeley, Dr. Richard Hayashi, Dr. Laurie Bradley or Dr. Lauren Lewis will make casts of the teeth so that the bite relationships of the upper and lower teeth can be analyzed. Our dentists will then achieve bite equilibration on the casts. This may involve removal of the cast tooth structure and/or adding tooth structure. Using the cast as a guide, our dentists will make adjustments on your teeth. The tooth structure shaping portion of the treatment will be performed first. After each adjustment, our dentists will check the way the teeth come together using a bite marking ribbon. This may involve multiple appointments. When the tooth shaping is complete, dental fluoride may be applied to strengthen the enamel and to re-establish a less porous enamel surface. If restorative dental treatment (fillings, onlays, crowns, etc.) is also needed, those will be performed separately.

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