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Customized dental splints, also known as night guards, are used to treat patients with TMJ dysfunction. These patients may suffer from jaw clicking, jaw pain, sinus pain, neck and shoulder pain, malocclusion, and headaches. Splints are also used to prevent excessive tooth wear, tooth mobility, and loss of gum tissue attachment. Dental splints are very helpful for the majority of patients with TMJ dysfunction (TMD). However, a small percentage of the TMD population who has tried to use the standard night guard may need more sophisticated, orthopedic appliance therapy to relieve their complex jaw joint issues (Read more).

We invite you to contact Barton Oaks Dental Group today to learn more about treatments for TMJ dysfunction in Austin. Our doctors here can help you determine which appliance would serve you the best for your TMJ health and function. Please call us at 512-327-6947.

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