Check Up with Your Dentist During Your Pregnancy

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Call Barton Oaks Dental Group’s office today to set up an appointment or consultation with Dr. Joseph Neeley if you haven’t already. Visiting your dentist during pregnancy is just as important when you are not pregnant if not more so. Inform your dentist of how many months you are into your pregnancy and what medications you are taking.

Vitamins and minerals are not only key in helping your baby development and keeping you healthy, but also in keeping both your teeth strong and help develop your baby’s teeth and bones. Teeth development can occur as early as six weeks into your first term.

Morning sickness can wear on your teeth if not properly rinsed afterwards. Enamel can be affected by the stomach acid from vomiting. Rinse with either water, non-alcoholic mouthwash, or a mix of a teaspoon of baking soda and water. This will help rinse away any acid. Don’t brush immediately after vomiting as it tends to just spread stomach acid around.

Gums tend to be more swollen with the flux of your hormones, where food can get trapped. This may cause more inflammation, lead to infection, gingivitis, or gum disease. A regular dental regimen of brushing twice and flossing once daily, using mouthwash to reach between the teeth, and regular checkups with your dentist will defend against plaque buildup and decay.

If you are seeking an extensive treatment such as cosmetic surgery, it’s better to wait until after the baby is born. Call 512-327-6947 to set up a consultation or schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph Neeley today to discuss which options are available to you. Our professional staff at Barton Oaks Dental Group here in Austin, Texas, will be happy to attend to your dental needs!