Are You Tired of Your Dental Anxiety?

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Visiting the dentist regularly for checkups and preventive dental procedures is very important for your oral health. If you are hesitant to attend these appointments because of dental anxiety, your smile is at greater risk of decay. At Barton Oaks Dental Group we recognize dental anxiety as a valid concern, and we want to help you. If dental anxiety is preventing you from receiving the care you need, we can offer some tips to help you feel more at ease in our dental office.

When scheduling your next dental appointment, please notify our team if you struggle with dental anxiety so that we can be prepared to slow down your visit and address all of your concerns. You may find that having the time to ask lots of questions helps reduce your anxiety.

In some cases, patients develop dental anxiety because they view their mouths and sensitive and vulnerable parts of the body. Please keep in mind that our team is highly trained and professional and our goal is to always provide the best possible dental care while keeping you fully comfortable.

If you are stressed during your visit, our dentist might recommend nitrous oxide to soothe your anxiety on a temporary basis and help you enjoy a positive dental appointment.

If you are struggling with dental anxiety in Austin, Texas, we encourage you to call 512-327-6947 to seek advice from Dr. Joseph Neeley & Associates about how you can still receive necessary dental care.