Oral Hygiene: The Best Cleaning Tools for Your Smile

Dr. Joseph Neeley and our dental team care about you and your smile, which is why we encourage you to keep your smile in tip-top shape by cleaning your teeth and gums regularly and visiting Barton Oaks Dental Group every six months. Another thing we encourage is to use the proper oral hygiene tools while you clean your smile. To... read more »

The Basics of Brushing and Flossing

Most of us feel pretty good about brushing and flossing. After all, given everything else that takes place during our day, taking care of our teeth is a no-brainer, right? Your toothbrush and your dental floss are not complex things. They don’t need to be tuned up, rebooted, or defragged. And, let’s be honest, to operate a toothbrush an dental... read more »